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Curious about why we’re here? Time to grab a cuppa.

Our story

In today’s company culture
A little gift can go a long way
Showing people they’re appreciated, valued and seen
Building bonds and deepening trust
Connecting teams, wherever they are
It’s a kind of magic
That raises the spirits of recipients and givers alike
Sending positive ripples through the organisation
Elevating everyone
Turning simple acts of gifting, into cultural ‘lifting’
Engaged, happy people
Are the heart of your business
So get wellbeing flying high
Elovo makes gifting a breeze and a joy
For every ‘lifter’ and everyone they ‘lift’
However large or small the gesture
Every single time
It’s time to elevate your gifting
And discover the power of lifting, today

Interested to find out more?

Thanks for stopping by! To formally introduce ourselves (this doesn’t happen often!) we’re Elovo, the corporate lifting (and gifting) platform from Tillo – the rewards, incentives and gifting management platform. If our team’s anything to go by, we know that working from home is here to stay and we’re a-ok with that. But, we know that this has made it trickier for employers all over the place to show their appreciation to staff and customers. No more staring awkwardly while someone’s opening a birthday gift. No more Friday beers. No more lovely lunches.

Don’t worry. We’ve got the perfect solution.

The Elovo platform gives you an easy peasy way to reward your staff and customers, wherever they are. Whether they’re in mighty Manchester or lovely London you can send gifts directly to people’s homes, without their postal address (yes, you read that right!). From fancy bottles of fizz and little caffeine pick-me-ups to lovely hampers and drool-worthy cookies, Elovo makes gifting a pleasure for everyone involved. We’re helping you raise spirits and elevate company culture.

We’re turning ‘gifting’ into ‘lifting’.

Elovo is perfect for anyone who wants to say thank you, hello, cheerio, you did it, and just about anything else now we think of it. It’s free to sign up and we don’t charge a monthly fee. So, why don’t you put a yay into someone’s day?

Ready to make ’em feel all frothy with a free cup of coffee?

It’s easy to get started so you’ll be sending out gifts galore in no time. But, we’re warning you, once you start lifting and you get that fuzzy feeling you won’t want to stop.

Let’s get started

Why Elovo?

We’re turning ‘gifting’ into ‘lifting’

  • Gifts that people actually want to receive
  • No monthly fees
  • Sign up is free
  • No snail mail addresses required

What our customers are saying

Your Elovo Team

Hello! Hi! Bonjour! Yes this is us, we’re a friendly bunch, we promise! We’re all about gifting little lifts and love seeing big smiles on happy faces. It’s always nice to put faces to names, so as you scroll around our website lookout for our lovely team and do give us a bell if you have any questions.

Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?

Hannah Dempster

Head of Marketing

Alex Preece

CEO & Co-Founder

Rachel Gregory

Business Development Manager

Gareth Gillatt

Chairman & Co-Founder

Eddie Sawyers

Chief Product Officer

Martyn Fagg

Chief Operating Officer

Maria Khoury

Operations Manager

Michael Norris

VP of Engineering

Briony Robertson

Head of People

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