Meet some of the Elovo brands!

4 October 2021

Hi! Hello! Bonjour! It’s nice to meet you and welcome to Elovo. Now you’ve had a chance to look around the place and get settled in, it’s probably time we introduce you to some of our shiny new brands we have onboard.

Letter Box Gifts

Letterbox Gifts are all packed with lovely goodies carefully sourced from independent British producers. They source beautiful, original and quality gifts from ethical companies who really care about the products they make and how they make them.

Eco Spa Box Letterbox Gift

For the ultimate home spa session to reward a special colleague or just because they deserve a pampering box of spa treats. This Spa Letterbox Gift is made from eco-packaging and does not contain any single-use plastic. 

Muscle Relaxation Letterbox Gift

The perfect gift for gym lovers, runners and cyclists to help them relax and unwind. Every item in the muscle relaxation box has been made in the UK and carefully selected to help relax hard-working muscles.

Perfect Night’s Sleep Letterbox Gift

This box is the perfect wellbeing and self-care gift for anyone who needs some TLC delivered through the letterbox! Each item has been carefully selected for the perfect night of relaxation and blissful sleep. 


Montezuma’s are an innovative, delicious British chocolate made in sunny West Sussex by the sea.

Montezuma’s Truffle Collection

Montezuma’s Truffle Collections are amongst their proudest creations. Named after The Grand, the famous hotel on Brighton’s seafront, this collection boasts the best and most iconic truffles. Includes vegan options.


Recommended by The New York Times as a ‘go-to destination’ Roadroaster are a proudly independent Brighton cafe & coffee roastery and share their proceeds with a number of social projects. 

Bag of Coffee 

This bag of coffee has been created with carefully selected single estate Carbon Negative Central & South American Coffees.

Double Pack of Coffee

Double the fun with 2 bags of signature Redroaster Coffee.

Triple Pack of Redroaster Signature Coffee Blends

Get to experience all of Redroaster’s delicious coffee offering with a bag of Sanctuary, Organic Glasshouse and Botanical Punk blend.


Kabloom makes fun and innovative products that also happen to be super environmentally friendly. Designed for interaction, inspired by their relationship with nature in the urban environment.


Contains a nectar-rich wildflower seed mix loved by butterflies as well as other pollinating insects and helps to promote butterfly populations. 

Pollinator Beebom

Contains a positively buzzing mix of wildflower seeds that will grow into bright and beautiful nectar-rich flowers loved by bumblebees and honey bees.

Wildflower Wonders Seedbom Gift Set

Seedbom gift set containing 4 different varieties each containing a single variety of wildflower seeds. You’ll have everything you need to create a beautiful wildflower patch bursting with colour. The Starflower (borage), Cornflower Power, Poppy Peacebom and Lovebom (forget-me-nots) are all designed to provide the best pollinating wildflowers that bees adore!

Birds, Bees & Butterflies Seedbom Gift Set

Another seedbom gift set which contains 4 different varieties each containing a varied mixture of wildflower seeds. The Pollinator Beebom, Urban Bloomer, Butterflybom and Featherbom are all designed to provide the best pollinating wildflowers that birds, bees and butterflies adore.

We’ll be introducing you to lots more of our brands very soon so watch this space! 

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